Laleh Hospital Mission,Outlook and Values

Laleh Hospital Mission

Specialized and super-specialized Laleh hospital, as an effective member of private sector of the country’s health system, manned with proficient specialist and versatile doctors and committed and practiced personnel, knows providing safe and efficient, timely and patient-oriented services along with respecting the healthcare receivers and clientele rights as its mission


Laleh Hospital Outlook

The clientele can experience having hope in a better and happier life, being provided with the most optimum services and health level enhancement along with Laleh Group


Laleh Hospital Values

Participation: giving importance to team work and making efforts to create coordination among the individuals based on mutual respect and fertile human relationships is what we believe in.

Knowledge-Orientation: service providing in Laleh Hospital is based on the highest national and international standards and according to taking advantage of the best of the world’s up-to-date knowledge. 

Professional Ethics: The entire array of the communications and relationships in Laleh Hospital are laid upon the most eminent professional, Islamic and ethical values and all of the staff is committed to observe professional behavior principles.

Benevolence: Thoughts are the guidelines navigating a person towards the goodness or badness. The human beings are intrinsically wishful for benevolence and having good thoughts constructs lives, thus, our thoughts and conducts in Laleh Hospital is laid upon the premises of benevolence and charity for the others.

Mutual Respect and Trust: We perform in such a manner that our deeds cause mutual trust and respect to be built among the personnel, stakeholders and the users of the treatment system.

The material provided in this booklet aim to serve you, as our dear guests,  to make a better use of the hospital facilities and in order for effective relationships in line with enhancing the treatment service quality and safety to be established.

Please take time to read carefully through the booklet and in case a question arises please feel free to take it to our colleagues.

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