Emergency Unit


this unit provides for easy and quick access to the paraclinic units including the followings : laboratory, radiology, endoscopy, and dialysis . Emergency admission unit provides for fast admission of the patients’ urgencies . The unit has triage and patients’ status classification sections , children and adults’ examination rooms , injection and dressing of wound rooms , casting room , under-men supervision room and under-women supervision room and well-equipped operation rooms for emergency situations, infections’ isolation room and psychiatry isolation room. Resident physicians ( general doctors , emergency medicine doctors , internal medicine specialists , children and infants specialist doctors , heart specialist doctors ) are ready to provide services to patients round the clock and in case there is a need for the other specialties the on-call doctors’ presence will be requested and they will arrive as soon as possible to visit the needy patients . There is a 24-hour availability and access to ambulance services . Ambulance coordination is the responsibility of the nursing office .



Emergency Department of Laleh Hospital :

Including triage unit - All patients are referred to the triage unit at the time of entry and are classified according to the patient's problem , and then examined by an emergency physician . If there is a need to investigate whether the hospital and the specialists of emergency medicine - women-pediatricians - Anesthesia - The heart is visited and examined . ( Especially night shifts )


1- injections

2- Room resuscitate

3- Rooms under observation

4- Room Pediatric Examination Room

5- Room Adult Exam

They are open 24 hours a day , and all patients are provided with a prescription for physicians ( even doctors outside the hospital ) .


Recovery Room  ( CPR ) :

For patients requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the regenerative group is present in less than 1 minute on the patient's bedside .


under supervision :

In this section , patients who need treatment are admitted to determine the patient's condition as soon as possible .

1 . A group of patients who are being monitored for various reasons, including gastrointestinal problems (diarrhea , sphagra , etc ) , and pharmaceuticals and serum therapy , and other related measures are needed, and the patient is discharged from the emergency department.

2 . A group of patients who are required to be admitted to the department according to the diagnosis of a physician need to be monitored and transmitted to the relevant department . It is necessary to mention that having a national code is required if you are to go to a hospital



Emergency entry




Emergency waiting room



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