The unit is comprised of two sections for the infants and neonatal (neonatal intensive care unit). The unit is dedicated to the hospitalization of one to thirty-day old babies

The infants in need of intensive cares are hospitalized in ICU. In infant ward the services are provided as stated below

Phototherapy, Blood Transfusions, Vaccination, Infants Screening, Audiology: Breast-Feeding Training to Mothers by the Mother Milk Experts, Teaching Infants Healthcare, 24-Hour Response to Mothers’ Problems, Children and Infants Specialized Doctors Present Round the Clock are all present in this unit. To accommodate the mothers whose infants are hospitalized in this section, a separate room has been provided.

Congenital Diseases Screening Program: this program is carried out in the delivery room section and the neonatal ward based on the nationwide screening program. Screening centers list spread in Tehran is available in infants ward.

Infants’ vaccination based on a nationwide vaccination program is carried out in this section

After the preliminary cares are performed and the infants are admitted, the infant and the mother can reside in mother’s room with the implementation of Rooming-In plan (mother and infant residence in a single room)

Laleh Hospital is proud to have received an appreciation plate for being a child-friendly hospital