Infection control



The Laleh Hospital's Infection Prevention and Control Unit, with the benefit of the presence of valuable professors such as Dr. Dr. Mehraz and Dr. Mardani and Dr. Sirazadid, and the scholars who seek to achieve organizational excellence and create a safe and secure environment for patients.

This unit aims to provide, maintain and enhance the health of the community using scientific resources and the world's emergence (Ministry of Health, Iran University of Medical Sciences, American Center for Disease   Control and CDC and  WHO WHO .......) Epidemics Identifying the common causes and identifying possible cases of nosocomial infections through the system of care of hospital infections and, according to the specific conditions, planning appropriate plans and monitoring the infection control committee.

This unit has been established since 2001 by establishing an infection control team and regular meetings of the infection control committees as a specialized unit. The prevention and control of infection from being single to a specialized unit composed of one infectious disease specialist (as the unit responsible), an infection control superintendent, and One person had an infection control interface in each department so that he could use all the potential of the hospital care system.

Collaborating on the development and implementation of educational programs in the hospital, participating in national training sessions and training courses, and guidelines, and procedures related to standard precautions and sanitation.

Supervising the proper functioning of the processes using infection control locusts in the hospitals' units and units,

Also, the identification and reporting of nosocomial and contagious diseases, referred to as illnesses subject to immediate and non-urgent reports to the health center, occupational exposure to blood and discharge, personnel vaccination program, evaluation of materials and equipment used in the control of infection from Major actions of this unit.

The Laleh Infection Control Unit with the 2019 slogan of the World Health Organization, "Clean Care for All in Your Hands," accompanies the World Health Campaign.

Infection Prevention and Control Program

1. Organizing the infection prevention and control program 
2. Technical guidelines 
3. Human resources 
4. Health care system for health care 
5. Support for microbiology laboratory 
6. Environmental health 
7. Monitoring and evaluation 
8. Communication with public health and other services


Unit Officer: Ms. Simin Sadeghpour Domestic: 2366