Discharge of the patient



The discharge unit is located on the ground floor in the lobby area of ​​the hospital facing the admission unit.


Procedures and activities of the discharge section:


The patient is referred to the discharge unit after admission to the hospital, if he / she is freely admitted, is discharged and sent to the fund. If the patient has supplementary insurance, he will refer to the relevant insurance and introduce a letter for admission to the hospital. gives .

It should be noted that Iranian insurance and Dana insurance (judiciary) will be issued online to patients in the field of admission.

Patients who have SOS and entrepreneurship are admitted to the hospital insurance office on the ground floor after admitting to their physician's appointment order and insurance card, and will take the necessary steps to issue the letter.

Procedures for discharging the patient after the discharge order by the doctor about half an hour later, the case is referred by the department to the discharge unit and about half an hour later the patient bill is prepared.

Comrades of the patients are able to leave the hospital after receiving the invoice and settling the account with the fund and receiving the letter of departure and delivery to the department.


In charge of dismissal: female secretary of domestic elegance: 2080