The financial unit is located on the ground floor of the hospital


The most important financial services

1. Supervise the purchase and delivery of goods to warehouses in accordance with the rules of the hospital transactions.

2. Planning payment and settling the timely account of salaries, claims of individuals and affiliated organizations, in accordance with the management of the hospital's liquidity and related scheduling.

3. Controlling and drafting contracts concluded between the hospital and other stakeholders, in accordance with the hospital guidelines and financial regulations.

4. Management on Hospital Income and Costs

5. Follow up of hospital receipts from all recipients of hospital services, including real people and insurance companies.

6. Supervision to maintain and optimize the use of hospital property.

7. Budgeting with the aim of forecasting hospital revenues and expenditures in the next financial period for management decisions.

8. Preparation of financial reports for submission to legal authorities (Tax Affairs, Social Security and Audit Institutions)

9. Provide financial reports to the hospital management at different levels to clarify unit performance and decision making.


Head of Financial Department: Ms. Amini