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Lactation clinic   




Every day, from 10:00 to 17:00

Adjacent to pediatric clinic - Clinic for breastfeeding

The lactation training in the clinic includes 7 AST:

1. Feed your baby

2. Importance of breastfeeding after childbirth, Skin contact

3. The importance of mother and baby room

4. Proper breastfeeding

5. Importance of Infant Nutrition on Demand

6. A way to ensure the adequacy of breastfeeding

7. Importance of exclusive breastfeeding

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The presence of the public is free and free


The Laleh Pregnancy and Lactation Clinic was launched in 1994 to support mothers and nurses in the continuation of breastfeeding. At the clinic, trained by the experienced midwifery educator on breastfeeding, we are taking pregnant and lactating mothers every day to help them educate them on different issues related to breastfeeding infants.


Outlines that are being taught at the Pregnancy Clinic until the 32nd week of pregnancy include the following:

Importance of breastfeeding and exclusive breastfeeding for infants:

Protecting milk from many diseases

-Quality of breast milk until the end of six months for breastfeeding

-Family changes in breast milk with infant need

-Associate with the physical and mental development of the child

Importance of breastfeeding for mother:

Mother's Protection Against Breast Cancer

Creating emotional and physical relationships between mother and child

-The natural method of contraception (in special circumstances)

- No involvement in femoral bone fractures common in the elderly.

Changes in breast milk composition:

- Reducing the composition of the mother's milk, according to the age of the infant, from the start to the end of each meal, between the various breasts and throughout the day.

-Coop production is very important in the 2-3 days after delivery, which is very nutritious and contains immunological products, and is vital for the protection of the baby.

-Sea colostrum is from 7 to 10 days after birth and then milk that contains all the nutrients required by the infant.

-The sweatshirt appears at the beginning of any watery meal, however, gradually becoming more fattened and white with the continued intake of the inhaling intake, and helps the baby to get pregnant and weight gain. 

Importance of breast milk for premature infants:

- A special compound suitable for breastfeeding for infants

- The direct feeding of breast milk to the breastfeeding mouth or giving breast milk by spoon, cup of violet stomach

Importance of skin contact with skin immediately after delivery:

-Growing the baby and preventing the baby's body temperature drop

- Relax the mother and the baby

Facilitating and accelerating the emotional bond between mother and child

Heart rate and baby breathing

-Catching baby crying and consequently reducing energy consumption and as a consequence of reducing the need for milk

- Improve the body's defense of the baby for familiarity with the mother's corpuscles

- Help start breastfeeding

- Allow the baby to find and take the breast and start sucking it

Proper Lactation Method:

- Start immediately after birth

The duration and the duration of the promise according to the desire and desire of the infant to eat nightly and day

-Any type of food other than the mother's milk in the first 6 months is not required.

No use of glass and dummy

-Recognized by the mother's symptoms of hunger and neonatal trauma

Hunger stings: Waking up and looking around and around, Oral and limb movements, Restlessness or fingers

** Crying is a late sign of hunger and should not let the infant cry for hunger **

Syriacs: Feeling comfortable and satisfying the baby, and breastfeeding by the infant

Appropriate use and growth monitoring are the best way to determine the suitability of the strain.

-Recommended breast feeding after 6 months of age and starting supplementary feeding and continuing until the end of 2 years

Doshidin Sher:

- Dart in a convenient and comfortable place and take time.

- Wash hands with water and soap before milking

- Milk procedures: rest before showering, taking a shower, using warm liquids or hydrating liquids, such as fruit juice containing vitamin C, thinking about the baby, hearing his voice or looking at his image, massage and putting a warm towel on the breast For 5 to 10 minutes.

- The proper feeding of the shepherd to the different conditions of the separation of mother and infant (maternity, newborn, infancy, breastfeeding, breastfeeding).

The feeding conditions depend on what the milk is used for: For a sick newborn and a low-maternal mother working at least every 3 hours a day to eliminate the constipation of the milk in order to eliminate the symptoms.

-The cooked must be given to the infant with a cup and not used in a bottle.

Good Motherhood and Good Breastfeeding Importance:

-If a breastfeeding walks right in the back of the mother and takes a right breast, he takes a lump and does not hurt his mother's breast and mother's breast.

Milk Milk Milk Excellence:

The mother's breast contains all types of live cells and important anti-microbial agents that Shirgau lacks.

The amount of protein and milk in the mother's milk is a limit that does not damage the kidneys of the baby that is not yet complete.

The fat milk formula of the baby's mother's brain is unique to the baby, and is absorbed and absorbed by the milk of the milk.

-If a child is deprived of breast milk for any reason, such as in a crisis or an emergency, the best alternative for feeding a child is another breast (Shiardaiyah).

Dangers of artificial nutrition and dummies:

-Dairy dairy does not protect against malnutrition.

Its compounds are not suitable for human infant bursts.

- Contamination, misrepresentation, costs and many other complications

The use of dummies causes confusion in breastfeeding and decreasing, increased risk of middle ear, oral mucosal leakage and dental caries, inappropriate dental growth and teething

Childbirth in Child Friendly Hospitals:

- The birth of the mother and the baby's skin is done on a timely basis.

- They are babies every day of the day (mother and baby room)

It is forbidden to use any type of drinking, including dummies, and the use of dummies and bottles.

Nutrition with breast milk, milking and keeping it in school, educate the mothers about the correct position of hugging and breast-feeding the baby.


It should be noted that in the clinic of pregnancy and lactation at Laleh Hospital, we are receiving pregnant mothers from 10 to 17 o'clock in order to participate in the training sessions of the clinic coordinated with the number 09331449029 from 8 am.

Educational sessions are available individually and collectively, and because of the fact that the presence of the spouse and other members of the family in these meetings increases the productivity of these classes, we welcome the presence of them.


The training in this clinic includes referrals to the women's clinic and any maternal maternity hospital present at Laleh Hospital and to the learner. Along with all the training, Laleh is free.


Our communication channels include: 09331449029

Line Direct: 021-88569546

Internal telephone number: 88571065 Internal 1727

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