Clinics introduction



Specialized and specialized clinics

Includes two distinct eastern-western halls, with north-south wings.

The western part   includes the following clinics: Ophthalmology - Women - Orthopedics - Pediatrics - Pediatric cardiology - Pediatric cardiology - General surgery - Cardiac surgery - Pulmonary surgery - Urology - Plastic surgeon - Skin and hair - Nutrition and internal medicine and pregnancy and adolescent clinics.

The Eastern Hall   consists of 10 clinics called the internal nervous system - internal lung - internal surgical gland - ENT - digestive tract - kidney - rheumatology - oncology - psychiatry - pain - genetics - infectious - neurological - internal heart and dentistry.


Clinical diagnostic and therapeutic measures are as follows:

       Clinic of Physical Medicine and Nerve and Muscle Tissue : Medical Physician Visit - Nerve and Muscle Tissue - Physiotherapy, Laser Therapy, Magnet Therapy, Biofeedback, Shock Vio Therapy, Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Cardiac Rehabilitation, Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Orthopedic Technique

       Heart clinic: ECG - Echocardiography - Echomeria - Echo stress - Exercise test - Holter ECG - Holter Blood pressure

       Women's Clinic: Pap smear - TinPap - Cryo (Freys) - Cotter - Colposcopy - Putting IUD in

       Otolaryngology: Stroboscopy - Endoscopy of the sinus - Ear washing - Removal of the foreign body of the ear



       Auditory Clinic: Audiometry - Tympanometry - OAE



       Auditory Electrophysiological Clinic and Equilibrium DPOAEs-TEOAEs-cVEMP-oVEMP-VNG-Ecoch G       

       Eye Clinic: Laser - Eye Angiography

       Lung Clinic: Methods for measuring respiratory parameters include: PFT, BODY BOX

       TCD and EEG Clinic: This clinic accommodates patients requiring electrical examination of the brain and measuring blood flow using sound waves.



       Nutrition and treatment regimen: In this clinic, all health and beauty regimens include: Diabetic, Renal, Supplemental Nutrition, Weight Loss and Weight Loss.

       Pregnancy and lactation clinics: Lactation training during pregnancy and postpartum lactation problems are carried out every day from 10 to 17. All courses are held free of charge.

       Pain Clinic: In this clinic, analgesic methods are used to treat acute and chronic pain by pain specialists.


     Clinic guide to room number:


        Medical devices and equipment are calibrated once a month by the medical engineers group.



           Review my presence

           Call phone at working hours (from 7:30 am to 8:00 pm ) . By number: 88571066  

           The Internet at www.laleh

           Call Phone: 88569546   and Mobile  09331449029


Health Checkup Clinic:

Laleh Hospital performs checkups and health checks for the staff of various organizations and organs.


Vaccination for children:

Vaccination of children is carried out in the western corridor on the ground floor, free of charge in the pediatric clinic, in accordance with the approved vaccination program.


Preparations for the tests in the clinics of the hospital:


Preparation for Exercise Testing and ECO Cardio Graph

Dear patients in the exercise test. While you are constantly taking the heartbeat, you are walking or riding on a moving plate and taking blood pressure once every few minutes.

So, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Coordinate with the Clinic of Exercise Testing and Eco-Cardiography before you go to determine your time.
  2. Generally, it is necessary to discontinue or replace some heart medications or blood pressure lowering drugs for 48 hours after exercise. Please take medications according to your doctor's instructions
  3. Avoid exercise for 3 hours before taking any food or drink or smoking (smoking, etc.).
  4. Before bathing, take a bath for hygiene and shave the hair on the chest and abdomen for exercise testing (in men).
  5. Women should wear comfortable pants to exercise their exercise tests in order to avoid problems.
  6. Please have a handful of small hand towels and juice and biscuits
  7. Dear visitors, you should have the exercise done. (Especially cardiac patients and those referring to the department)


Preparation for stress echocardiography


Preparation for esophageal echocardiography

        Dear reviewers


Preparation for Holter monitoring

Dear reviewers

  1. Coordinate with the Clinic of Exercise (Clinic of Exercise) before referring to your appointment.
  2. It is usually necessary to take some of the heart drugs with the advice of a physician , take medications according to your doctor's instructions.
  3. Before bathing for health and monitoring Holter, he will be monitored and shave the hair on the breast and abdomen in the men.
  4. Please refer to the date of visit and your doctor's copy and your birth certificate or valid ID card.


A socket for transesophageal echocardiography


Preparation for the balance test


Dear Patient, please note the following before performing the ENG / VNG test

To record a minute, the results of your cooperation are necessary based on these criteria

  1. Have a good night's sleep and comfort before the test
  2. It's completely free and easy to do when testing your clothes
  3. There is no cosmetics in the face (even moisturizing and sunscreens) and eyes.
  4. If you have a permanent tattoo in your eyes, please check with your pencil-colored pencil before testing.
  5. Inform the lens before starting the test if you use it
  6. If you have long eyelashes or flattened eyelashes, be sure to apply your eyelashes appropriately.
  7. Avoid drinking any water except 48 hours before testing

Due to the fact that some drugs mainly affect the test results , do not stop taking these medicines 48 hours before the test .

A. Drugs with Antihistamine Dentinates , Cold Tablets - Acetaminophen

B-Types of pain medications , sedative and hypnotic

C-types of anti-nausea / vomiting or anti-vertigo drugs

It is worth mentioning that other medicines used for cardiovascular disorders , high blood pressure , epilepsy, kidney disease, etc. should not be discontinued.

  1. 48 hours before the test , do not eat tea , coffee , various types of cola and other caffeine compounds.
  2. At least 5 hours before the test food and drink Avoid , only if you have diabetes (diabetes) affects, you can drink a glass of fruit juice or a small meal within 5 hours before conducting the test Check out
  3. If possible, be sure to have a companion
  4. When testing, be sure to bring the results of your hearing assessments
  5. Preparation of the test will take at least 2 days, and the patient will be informed if the test is to be repeated. If you have any questions about the above instructions , please change or cancel your time 24 hours ago with the Balance Test Clinic at: 88369862 or 8-88571065 Internal 2018.



How to accept:

In the clinic, the reception is in face-to-face contact with the attendant from the secretary of the time and is scheduled to be on the due date. First, go to the clerk's secretary and, after receiving the receipt sheet and the referral, go to the secretary's check-box and wait for the visit. The doctor will be.

If the patient is ill or in need of admission, the physician will order the admission card and the patient will be referred to and admitted; otherwise, all clients are outpatient.

Patient transmission:

Considering that all patients are outpatient, if the disease requires assistance for the transfer or visit of a physician, the clinic will be provided with the help of a woman's doctor and aka transfer from the wheelchair to the stomach and examination of the physician and vice versa

If the disease is acute in the ECO or EEG unit , the patient is brought in by a nurse and the care of the caregiver and the patient is transferred to the unit after STABLE .