Center for Oncology Radiotherapy



Radiotherapy Department of Radiotherapy Oncology Laleh Hospital (LAROC)


The colleague's team of specialist physician, anesthesiologist, physicist and therapist have provided comprehensive and specialized care for the treatment of various cancers.

Patients with solid tumors can set up appropriate therapies, including preoperative therapies (NeoadJuvant), adjuvant therapy, chemoradiation chemotherapy, and palliative therapy. The department introduces and is treated by our colleagues in a friendly environment.


Our team of medical staff is proud to have the ability to provide a good fit with the presence of interested and experienced colleagues, the use of modern equipment, correct clinical response and patient satisfaction.

Our mission is to improve and maintain our lives. Hence, with a deep commitment to continuing close cooperation with specialists from different fields of the Laleh Hospital, we hope that we will have a great service to our patients.


Physicians section:

Dr. Farhad Samii Dr. Jahangir Rad


Internal Phone Number: 2900-2916




Clinical Radiation Oncology) and using the facilities of the common hospital, clinic and modern linear accelerator devices:


Linear Accelerator ,   Digital Simulator , Treatment Planning System (TPS) , and Hospital CT Scan to perform CT Simulation and various dosimetry and radiotherapy physics and patient follow-up clinics, and with the collaboration of a team of specialist physicians, physicist colleagues, expert in rhea therapy And the administrative and service staff is at the service of patients all the time (morning and afternoon).

The center's therapeutic services include non-surgical solid tumors , including radiotherapy (radiation therapy with various techniques), systemic treatments (chemotherapy and targeted drugs ........) and simultaneous therapies ,   chemoradiation , Providing counseling to various specialized groups of the hospital for the diagnosis and treatment of cancers ( Curative , Palliative ).

For use by patients, the use of departed patients from the facilities of the LAROC Center can be obtained from specialist physicians at the Center or at office hours at 9 am to 1 pm (8 am to 9 pm) or at the hospital website.       






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