This section is one of the most successful centers throughout the country, with the presence of professors and physicians named and named, able to provide the following services:

Surgical Operations :

 (ICSI)  - Micro Injection: Laboratory fertilization is the most important surgery in this department.

Embryo transfer: Between 2 and 5 days after microwinning.

FET Fetal Transfer

Rejection: In multi-pregnancy, when embryos are more than double.

Cerclage: Sew the cervix to prevent early delivery

Diagnostic laparoscopy related to infertility

Diagnostic hysteroscopy

Surgery related to infertility and diagnostic curettage associated with infertility

TESA, TESE, PESA in male infertility

Abdominal fluid paracentesis: In ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS

Intrauterine sperm injection  (IUI)



Laboratory tests:

  PGS (examination of embryo health, with pre-implantation chromosomes)

After fetal biopsy by embryologist, 23 pairs of chromosomes will be examined.

Amniocentesis (aminetic fluid test)

Pap smear (sampling of the cervix)

PCT   (after-close testing)

Sperm progescitation test (sperm counts before and after washing).



 Head of Unit: Mr. Dr. Abbas Platonian

Head Nurse Section: Ms. Tayebeh Al-Nabi

Physician Names Section:

 Dr. Abbas Platonian

 Dr. Mohammad Ali Karimzadeh

Dr. Yousefnejad

Dear Dr. Robabe Taheri Panah

Dear Dr. Mesroorheh Hosseini