Introducing the MRI section

The MRI section is the   newest part of the tulip shooting system that started its operation in March of this year. Our device currently has 1.5T power capability to perform new imaging techniques, such as:

  1. MRI  orbit and high quality ear and special protocols,
  2. Planning -MRI before and after high-quality operation,
  3. High power brain diffusion
  4. Photo fusion
  5. Angiography of any organ with high speed, dynamic mammography with injection and diffusion,
  6. 3 phasic abdomen.      

This section includes a Magnet Room, a Control Room, a Patient's Room for Patient Reception, a Technique Room, and a Dressing Room for the MRI Report .


Magnet Room :

    This is the main room of the MRI section , where the magnet is equipped with a MRI and flat. It should be noted that a metal object with magnetic properties is prohibited into this room and all equipment of this room is MR Compatible  .



MRI or magnetic resonance imaging  (MRI) is   one of the advanced methods of medical imaging. This technique can be used to visualize the body's image within the body.


What is MRI?


The waves used in MRI are from radio and magnetic waves that are not harmful to the body. MRI uses the physical fact that protons in the nucleus of atoms, such as the planet, spin around the Vd axis, forming a magnetic field around them .

In MRI, the patient is in a very strong magnetic field. This field causes the atomic nucleus protons to rotate around all body tissues (especially protons in the nucleus of the water molecule) along the magnetic field lines of the MRI .

Then certain radio waves propagate to the patient's body. These pulsed waves cause changes in the proton oscillation axis .

Upon completion of the pulse trajectory, the proton rotation axis again flows along the lines of the magnetosphere. This reversal causes a new radio wave (electromagnetic) wave .

Then, these secondary radio waves, emitted from single protons, are received by the MRI receivers and sent to the computer. MRI computer is very powerful and highly computational .

In this computer, the waveform is rapidly analyzed, and then images are created based on these analyzes that the physician sees on the device monitor and prints them if necessary .

The AMIR computer shows where the body emits more radio waves. The higher the intensity of the wave coming from a point in the body is the sign of more proton density at that point, and since the most abundant atom in the body, which has a proton, is a hydrogen atom that lies in the water molecule, so wherever it transmits more radio waves, there is actually more water had 

In fact, what MRI does is to show where the body has more water. Because the concentration of water molecules varies in body tissues, and when tissues become diseased, this concentration can still be changed, using the information received, can create a very detailed image of the body's various tissues .


MRI is an accurate and powerful imaging technique for diagnosing body tissue problems and diseases 

One of the distinguishing points of this method with CT is that in MRI soft tissue images such as cartilage, tendon, ligament, nerve and veins are very clear and precise, and this imaging technique is especially useful for diagnosing the diseases of this tissue. It is useful .

MRI is further used to study soft tissue problems, while more CT scans are useful for examining bones and lesions and injuries .


Is EMR a hazardous or safe way


If the principles of safety are met, MRI is a very safe and low-level imaging method. Every year about 10 million people make MRI. MRI is completely painless and does not have a known short-term or long-term complication

As mentioned, MRI uses a very powerful magnetic field. Metal objects move in this magnetic field. Moving these objects can damage the patient 

So there should not be any metal objects in the MRI room. If the patient has a metal device, he must remove it from the MRI room. Watches, jewelry and some parts of the clothes are metal .


Metal bullets or cracks in the body of the patient can also cause the same problem. EMR waveforms can interfere with the functioning of these devices in people who use hearing aids or who have pacemakers .


What should be noted for MRI?


MRI uses a very powerful magnetic field and metal objects move in this area so no metal object should enter the room with the patient .

It is better for the patient to put his watch and jewelry at home and not bring it. In some cases, there is a metallic makeup, so it is advisable not to use cosmetic ingredients .

The clothes that the patient wears should not have any metal parts. Some buttons and clips are metal .

The following items do not come into the MRI room


To ensure that metal objects do not enter the MRI room, they usually ask the patient to remove all his clothes and give him one piece of medical uniform to wear .

Then the patient enters MRI room without nothing else. However, metal objects may be sick in any case for any reason. After any illness that is intended to perform MRI, he is asked about the following objects in his body


 If you are pregnant, you should inform the Technician MRI .



How is MRI done?

The MRI device is usually in the form of a small cubicle that has a tunnel inside it. A bed is located in front of this tunnel that can move inside it .

To do MRI, the patient lays on the bed and then goes into the tunnel. During bedtime, the patient moves inside the tunnel. The duration of imaging with MRI is longer than the CT scan. This is usually between 15 to 45 minutes .

Sometimes it may take up to an hour. The patient should be slow and immobile during operation. The motion of the patient makes the resulting image fade and not accurate .

During the MRI, the patient can breathe easily. Of course, technicians might ask the patient to keep his breath for a moment .

During the MRI, loud noises can be heard from the device, which is normal and should not cause concern to the patient. MRI may be inserted on the patient's ears before the MRI is performed, so that fewer voices can be heard .

You are alone in the MRI room, but your MRI technician will see you and hear your voice. So, whenever you need help, you talk and tell it, in addition, you are given a means to stop it if necessary by pressing it and the process of imaging by the technician stops .

It may be inhaled before or during the MRI drug. If the patient is susceptible to certain drugs, it should be communicated to the medical personnel present at the MRI before the injection. If you feel unwell after having injected, you should immediately inform the medical staff


MRI of the brain, orbit and the optic nerve, the olfactory nerve


MRI for cochlear implantation


MRI with injectable contrast agent


MRI with anesthesia


MR angiography of the brain and neck, upper limb, lungs, abdomen and pelvis and lower extremities, MR kidney artery angiography


MRV Ventrology of the brain and neck, upper limb, thoracic, abdominal and pelvic and lower extremities


MRM Mammography and MRI from AXILLARY areas


ERI Pair and Embryo


Dynamic MRI of the Pituitary and Liver


MRI arthrography of all joints


MRI joints and organs, MRC sacroiliac joints and TMJ , MRI spine and spine separately and integrated


MRI of the abdomen and pelvic examination of the organs of the  MRCP


MRI of the stomach and pelvis for  STAGING


MR Phasitolography and examination of pelvic abscesses


MRV Review of kidney and bladder and urinary system



Dear visitors of Imaging Center of Laleh Hospital

Please help us by offering better services by studying the important issues mentioned below.

1. Adoption is done every day from 7 am to 2 pm.

2. For coordination please refer to the section for shooting for the appointment and set the daily time at 88095474 .

3. For fast delivery, there is no need for prolonged periods of fasting. Do not just ask for an hour before your visit.

4. If you have an abdominal and pelvic membrane that is related to endometriosis, vaginal cavity or cervical cancer , and you are not single, you should go for a non-monthly cycle (you can check with your doctor) Because vaginal gel injection is required for the study of these types of diseases and vaginal injection can not be done during the cycle , single vaginal injection is not done vaginally. Also, for vaginal gel injections for people the sampling carried out after removing Tampvnd should refer to the MRI (24 hours T later)

5. If you have breast enlargement, you do not need any special preparations.

6. For all documentation related to the disease, such as the CA125  examination, an ultrasound examination of the pathology of a previous CT scan or previous immunization test or a Pap smear test is required. If any of the above documents are not ready to respond or are not accompanied by you immediately Once you have done, send them to the unit.

7. Since admission to this center is for the convenience of clients on a daily basis without prior appointment, take at least three hours to complete their work upon admission. The duration of imaging of the pelvic abdomen is about 40 minutes and breast size is 30 minutes. It is a good idea to cooperate with us in presenting quality images.

8. For advice, please complete all documentation (MRI, CT scan and mammogram as CD ) to deliver the Laleh Hospital's Response Center. Accepting advice delivered without CD images are excused est . Consultation may require counseling by a doctor or a doctor at the Imaging Center of Laleh Hospital. At least the time to receive counseling is between 3 and 6 days if all documents are complete and complete. When Apply for telephone counseling to colleagues in the department to make the patient or his or her first-degree relatives accountable.

It is recommended that the consultant physician be consulted at other imaging centers at the Laleh Hospital's Imaging Center in order to minimize the time it takes to receive the results.

9. Perform ultrasonography with all the documents (mammograms, tuberculosis test biopsy reports, etc.) and need to determine the previous time for sonography.







MRI Device Specifications : T Siemenc 1.5