Imaging Center ( Radiology , Sonography , CT Scan, MRI ) :


The Department of Radiology at Laleh Hospital has a General Imaging Room, a photojournalism room equipped with a DRsystem (fluorescope), a separate mammogram room, a facial imaging room, a CR room and a darkroom. It also has four portable radiographs, two C-Arm devices located in the operating room. This room can be considered as the most common room in the radiology department, as most routine imaging and simple graphs of Supine & Upright tests  and even patients who can not move in this room.

At the entrance to this room, there is a small hallway, which includes two dressing rooms (for changing the clothes of patients if needed). There is also a health service inside the room. The control system is installed outside the room, ie in the control room, and can be seen through the small window next to it.

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