Fluorescope room


This room is dedicated to special imaging and the benefits of this room are fluorescope featuring a remote control system.

Shooting in this room is done in two ways. The same method is used for casts and the second is the use of direct radiography .

In the second method, the casts are deleted and the image intensity tire (IIT) is used to display the image and record it.

When we want to do fluoroscopy, we actually choose the second method. This device is connected to a control unit in the control room. When using fluoroscopy using the pedal in the control room, the animated and ontime images are displayed on the left monitor of each of these pair of monitors, and when we want to capture an image or so to expose, the final image on the monitors The right shows up. It should be noted that the device operator can only print the images on the right-hand side of the monitors.

Another advantage of this cinematography is that we can record up to 7 images in a second and display it as a movie. This capability will help us to record and monitor the dystonia of this member, for example, recording a diaphragm motion or recording a swallow operation in a barium.

At the entrance to this room, there is a small hallway, which includes two dressing rooms (for changing the clothes of patients if needed). There is also a health service inside the room. The control system is installed outside the room, ie in the control room, and can be seen through the small window next to it.