Genetic Medicine Laboratory and Molecular Diagnosis



Center for Genetic Medicine and Molecular Diagnosis of Laleh University of Medical Sciences


Colleagues in this section:

Dr. Mohammad Zamani, Medical Genetics Specialist (Head of Department) Dr. Mohammad Jazayeri, Virus Specialist (Infectious Molecular Section)                                                       



Dr. Raufian, Medical Geneticist (Center Technical Officer) Mr. Iman Rezaei (Center Supervisor)




* Genetic counseling every day with a predetermined time


 * Perform all genetic diagnostic services (before and after birth) including:




* Department of Molecular Identification of Infectious Pathogens:

Center for Genetic Medicine and Molecular Diagnosis of Laleh University of Medical Sciences in the field of evaluation of all genetic disorders and tests before and after birth with the presence of medical and molecular geneticists as well as molecular diagnosis of infectious pathogens diagnostic

It offers itself. In recent years, with the changes in the physical space, the "Molecular Diagnosis of Infectious Diseases" section has been developed and is ready for cooperation with the centers and hospitals and government departments. Major laboratory activity in this section, performing tests

Qualitative and quantitative molecular based on Real Time PCR and the use of the new Multiplex Real Time PCR method , which is the simultaneous identification of multiple pathogens in a reaction.

 In this regard, Dr. Seyyed Mohammad Jazayeri, a specialist in virology and a member of the faculty of the Tehran University of Medical Sciences, is responsible for advising infectious patients by experts every day, in addition to monitoring the accuracy and accuracy of the tests.

Honorable Laleh Hospital and other centers are referred to this center. Due to the sensitivity of diagnosis and timely treatment of infectious diseases, the center has the potential for emergency diagnosis of the Same Day Reporting System .


The importance of counseling is particularly relevant to the papillomavirus. It should be noted that by performing Real Time PCRtests as well as multiplexes and other approved techniques such as APTIMA for the papillomavirus, this section is being converted.

Becoming a pillar in the country is about managing these diseases.


  All costs are calculated on the basis of tariffs approved by the Ministry of Health

Direct Call Number: 88563047 and Phone Number: 8147 + Internal 2626