This unit is located in the negative one near the radiology


Laboratory admission: 2660 Laboratory supervisor: 1886 Pathologic acceptance: 2670


About the Laboratory of Laleh Hospital


Our laboratory was founded in 1384 with the aim of providing routine, specialized and specialized diagnostic services to patients and doctors by experienced physicians. This laboratory is designed to help patients and all of the tests and services they need to diagnose and treat them in a timely manner and to ensure their quality of life as much as possible.

Also, over the years, we have been working to make and use the best fully automated laboratory machines from the most famous companies in the world, imported from Europe and the United States into the country. We have tried to use the exclusive patents of both machines manufactured by the company's manufacturer to improve the quality of our customers' satisfaction. Physicians and patients.

Our goal is to use the latest technology of the world today and electronic equipment to provide our services accurate, accurate, fast and at the lowest cost. In this laboratory, the first priority is to ensure that the tests are carried out in accordance with the most up-to-date international and international standards, in compliance with the quality control standards. An example of our activities in this regard is the launch of the LIS system on all systems and connectivity to the network server, all of which are automatically transmitted to the response system, which minimizes human error in this regard.


Parts available in the laboratory:


Biochemical section:

Includes biochemical tests using the Prestige device of  Japan, Easylite America and   Eppendorf of Germany


Hormone section:

Using all the modern laboratory methods, it can perform all hormonal tests using Elisys UK, Roche Cobas Germany, Siemens Germany and vidas of France


Blood Bank:

To provide the blood needed for cancer patients and chemotherapy, as well as patients in need of surgery in the operating room.


Hematology section:

Performing all coagulation tests in a specialist way using the French stagg machine and performing routine CBC tests using the Nihon kohden machine in Japan


Fluid section:

Analysis of vital body fluids by the most advanced kits available in the world


Immunofluorescence division:

The use of immunofluorescence method for the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases using the German Euro Immune Kit



In this section, the analysis of bacteria, viruses and ... is done in the body. To do this, blood, urine and mucosa are used to diagnose the infection and determine the appropriate antibiotic for the treatment of the individual.



Why Laleh Hospital Laboratory


Under the supervision of experts and professors of Iran University of Medical Sciences

Collaboration with reputable laboratories (Masoud, Nilo, D & ...)

Under the direct supervision and quality control online by RIQAS simultaneously with laboratories in Europe and the United States.

Owned and educated (more than 30 experienced staff)

Responding to customer needs at the shortest possible time

Internet Answering System

24-hour activity


Laboratory Officer: Dr. Esmaeilian  

Supervisor: Mr. Moinian


Contractor's Insurance:

Nation, Sepah, Export, Central, Industry and Mine, Agriculture, Ministry of Health, Organization for Development and Renovation


Lab Owners:

Ishmaelian Sedigheh

Gholamali Yaghmaei Bahram

Vosuq Jabbar

Saif al - Hari Akram

Sassanid Hamid Reza

Rahman Zadeh knife

Hojjat Farshid

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