The  heart surgery ICU ( ICU OH ) located on the first floor opposite the   CCU has a capacity of 6 beds increased to 10 beds in separate units.

Department Head:          

Dr Mehrdad Hashemi (Heart Attack Specialist)

Head nurse section:  

Mrs. Afsaneh Bazi Zadeh


In each shift, there were 4 nurses (1 person in charge of shift and 3 nurses)

2 nurses are busy working.

A secretary is responsible for carrying out administrative tasks.

The department has 2 servicemen for gentlemen and gentlemen for cleaning.

The first-class nutrition service is responsible for the delivery of ICU for heart surgery.


Doctors in cardiology (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Hasan Radmehr - Dr. Ahmad Hassantash - Dr. Mohammad Hossein Mandegar - Dr Mohammad Masoud Majidi Tehrani - Dr Mohammad Ali Navabi Shirazi)


Anesthesiologists of the heart (in alphabetical order)

Dr. Abdollah Panahipoor - Dr. Hossein Purotat - Dr. Mehrdad Hashemi - Dr. Forouzan Yazdanian


The main activity of the department is based on patients requiring adult and pediatric cardiology surgery.

Patients undergoing coronary artery bypass grafting - All surgical procedures for heart valves and repairing all congenital heart defects of children are carried out by surgeons in this department under post-surgical care.

Also, patients who require ICU admission after other procedures and hospitalized patients who have cardiovascular and pulmonary complications are under the condition of not being infected in this department under special medical and nursing care.

- Each bed is equipped with complete monitoring, central oxygen, portable oxygen capsule, central suction, portable suction, patient-specific lacrer, patient's food table, nurse's call ringer, serum base, cellophane box, infant bin, hand rub . And a cellular medicine cell phone

- In addition to 10 units, including a nursing station, a clean room, a dirty room, a doctor's room, a dressing room, a health service (bath and shower).


How to Accept Patients:

- After the heart surgery, the patients, with the anesthetic team, enter the ICU OH  from the operating room and the care begins.

Hospitalized patients and patients undergoing other surgeries requiring ICU are admitted to this department after being uninfected after coordinating with the ICU physician   and their visit and coordinating with the supervisor.

- Patients in need of emergency medical care in the ICU   outside the hospital, with the coordination of the head of department and informed by the supervisor, are accepted.


Medical equipments available in section:

2 pcs of teral code, 2 pcs of electrocardiogenic recorder, patch antenna, microcontroller, transponder, adult weight and baby -ECG device  - Nebulizer device - Bipap device - Pulse Oximetry machine - Shaker device - IPC machine - Cold incense - Turntable device - Silicate Lamp - Pump Balloon Machine - Capnograph Machine - Microdrop - Superior - Wrought Iron - Wheelchair - Stomach

Sets in section:

Bandage Set - Adrian Cardiard Set - Children's Cardiard Set - Tracheostomy Set - CVP Set - Set Cott Down - Set of Chest-Towel - Set Chuck - Gan & Sean Steril




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