Structurally, there are two units of ICU A and AICIO B with unit management.

 Patients in need of intensive care are treated and treated in this area.

There are full-time specialist physicians in this area. This room has an isolation room and VIP room.


How to accept:

Outpatients: After being informed by the nurse, the department is coordinated with the head of the department and, if it so desires, will be informed to the admission unit for admission to the hospital on the empty bed.

 Patients inside the hospital are admitted   to the ICU under the direction of a physician .


Nursing care of patients in ICU :

  1. Control of vital signs at least every three hours
  2. Mouthwash three times a day (9.3.9)
  3. Change in position and massage every 3 hours or according to the patient's needs
  4. Greasy around the mouth with lotion to prevent the lining of the cornea and fix the endotracheal tube with the band and gas on both sides ( PRN )
  5. Check the pipework for position and pressure of the pipe cuff
  6. Suction of mouth and chest secretions or tracheostomy as PRN
  7. Blood transfusions should be injected into hemovigalin training and recorded on the blood monitoring sheet.
  8. Washing the tracheostomy and surrounding it with N / S and replacing the surrounding gas.
  9. Exposure to the skin of the patient and its control on a daily basis and the recording of pressure ulcers, their type and degree, and registration in the nursing report.
  10. Perineal area washing in patients with Foley catheter twice daily with iodine and then N / S wash (9.9)
  11. Bath in bed as needed (every three days and in the bathroom in the bathroom)
  12. Controlling the function of the chest tube and its discharge chart of 6AM (if it does not have a specific command).
  13. NGT control in terms of displacement (especially in patients who are being bled)

Head of Department: Dr. Amir Hossein Lotfi