Sterile instrumentation and operating room equipment


In every hospital in the world, every day, a number of actions are taken, each of which involves contacting a medical device or surgical equipment with sterile tissues or patient membranes.

One of the main risks and complications of all medical and therapeutic procedures is infection. Rinse, disinfect, and sterilize equipment appropriately, not only reduces or eliminates the risk of infection through tools or equipment, but also the transmission of pathogens by a shared device from one person to another and the transfer of environmental pathogens It also prevents. This is a serious matter in every hospital in CSSD.

Sterilization is carried out in the center with Autoclave-Flash-plasma steam, which are packaged after being washed with pads in cloth pangs or paper bags and sterilized by sterilization.

The CSSD section of the Laleh Hospital contains clean, dirty, sterile physical spaces that are only intended for the personnel of the same department to avoid entering different people in this section.

Personnel use masks, hats, gloves and personal protective equipment when working. Persons who work in this section, in addition to the period of tuition, must have completed CSR-specific training courses to comply with the principles and rules governing The department can provide a standard and standardized service for hospital attendees.

The CSR unit is located in the negative floor of two hospitals adjacent to the medical equipment unit.


Head of department: Ms. Shabnam Khanipour