Surgery 2



Section introduction:

The Department of Surgery is 2nd Laleh Hospital located on the second floor and has 19 active beds. 6 private rooms and one isolated room and 6 double rooms. There are 2 private beds in the suite. This section is part of the IPD section at Laleh Hospital and accepts patients from foreign nationals.

In each private room there is a duplex and in the two-sided room there are 2 bedside chairs for the patient's companions.


Head Nurse: Ms. Kiani Domestic Division: 2234 - 2235


Surgery 2:   

Ears, abdominoplasty, septoroplasty, mammaplasty, cataract, tonsil, facial swaddling, and all types of general surgery.


How to accept, transfer and discharge:

1- Direct Admission

2- Emergency acceptance


Patients receive direct admission to the case, then they are advised in the department and the doctor will be informed and the doctor's instructions will include routine, ECG, chest x-ray and cardiac counseling will be done.

Accepted patients from the emergency department are delivered to the department with the emergency nurse and the orders of the emergency doctor are checked and performed by the doctor.