Labor Room



This section is one of the most enjoyable maternity rooms in the country with equipment and facilities of the world. The delivery rooms are separate and include the following services:

Possibility of natural delivery to physiological and painless methods.

The fetal health monitoring includes the embryo's embryonic cardiac arrest ( NST ) and the monitoring of the fetal heart.

Pregnancy health monitoring includes: Tocometry, amnioxin test

Hospitalized bedrooms, with maternal and fetal health monitoring facilities in high-risk pregnancies, patients with malaise, bleeding, decreased fetal movements, gestational hypertension, pre-eclampsia, gestational diabetes, the probability of preterm delivery, pregnancy, abortion and recurrent miscarriage

Possibility of attending a private midwife with a mother to provide special care including massage, relaxation, and assistance in facilitating delivery by performing specific exercises.

Primary care for pre-cesarean preparation

The presence of a qualified and specialized midwife to provide specialized primary care after the birth of the baby in a natural way and cesarean section

Educational services during pregnancy include familiarity and preparation for normal delivery (physiologic and painless), exercise during pregnancy, nutrition during pregnancy, personal hygiene, mental health counseling.

Postpartum educational services include: baby care, proper postpartum exercise, lactation training

Camcorder and photo: If you wish, you can use video cameras and photos before and after childbirth.

The issuance of a baby's birth certificate is carried out on unpardonable days. For the issuance of a birth certificate, the presentation of the original and copy of the national card and the birth certificate of the mother and father of the baby is required.


Introduction to Maternity Delivery:

The maternity ward is located on the first floor of the hospital, which is comprised of the following sections.


* Nursing station                                              * Library                                              * Clean room

* Room for examination                                                      * Personnel rest                               room * Isolated room

* Computer room                                                    * Water supply

* Dressing for doctors and staff                                        * Physicians rest

* Room Lnzh                                                          * warehouse delivery room

* 6 separate libraries                                                 * Post Partum section

*   Room NST                                                     * delivery room

* Sterile                                          chamber set * Preeclampsia room




Parenting Specific Tests


Amino saline

To diagnose rupture of fetal curves, it is used to measure the alpha-1 pair of microglobulin          

( 1 - PAMG ), which is abundant in amniotic fluid, but in the absence of ROM , there is a negligible amount of sigmoid fluid. The sensitivity of this test is 99 % for the diagnosis of PROM .



This test is performed in the NST room by the monitoring device installed in this room. The operating instructions of the machine are available.


Patient transmission:

If the patient needs to be transferred from this department to another section, after ordering the patient's transfer of the patient by a physician in the doctor's orders sheet or by   ordering a telephone order from the physician, indicating the date and time, the physician's order first by the responsible shifts and midwives The patient is signed and signed. Then, the departmental authorities carry out the necessary coordination to transfer the patient. After contact with the acceptance and determination of patient room number, the patient is transferred to the desired department. The midwife responsible for the patient is obliged to deliver the patient to the nurse of the clinic on admission. This delivery includes: The health of all connections such as IV Line, ..., patient's level of consciousness, nutritional status, patient comfort, pain relief, medication status and other things to be followed, including ultrasound, laboratory findings and counseling. The delivery nurses of the patient's recipient are also required to report any violations and any problems in the patient's condition at that moment. Before the patient is fully delivered, complete the report at the time of transfer by the midwife responsible for the patient and the nurse responsible for the delivery of the recipient in the file, and also in the patient's transfer office, the stamp and signature of both should be taken.


How to discharge a patient:

In the delivery department, it is possible only with the written order of a doctor and sometimes with a telephone order. Following the patient's visit by a doctor, the physician completes the patient's case. The doctor's order mentions discharge of the patient. Then, the prescription drug supplies the patient with drugs at home and provides the patient with the necessary medication. Meanwhile, the training sheets at the time of discharging in the case are also signed and signed by the doctor and the midwife responsible for the patient. After the discharge order is entered by the doctor, the order  By the midwife responsible for the patient and the midwife responsible for the shift and signature. And the necessary coordination or secretary is issued for discharge of the patient. The patient is discharged from the patient after completing the discharge procedures, giving the summary of the case and the medication leaflet and the training sheet when discharging the patient, and leaving the patient with the help and guidance of the health care provider.







Labor room
Labor room
Labor room
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