Patient's Rights Charter

Respect for the recipients of the service:

Dear Clients, The Bill of Rights for Patients has been installed in all classes.

Patient's Rights Charter:

1. The desirable reception of health services is the patient's right.

2. The information should be provided in an appropriate and sufficient manner to the patient.

3. The right to choose and decide freely on the receipt of health care services should be respected.

4. The provision of health services should be based on the privacy of the patient (the right to privacy) and respect for the principle of secrecy.      

5. Access to the effective system of dealing with complaints about the right to sickness.


** Dear Customers, You can identify service providers (physicians, nurses and other staff) from a photo identification card that is installed on their chest.

(The members of the care group responsible for providing patient care will first introduce the patient to their patient and accompany him / her ).

Complaints System:

Every patient has the right to sue the competent authorities, if he or she claims to be in breach of his / her rights, without disturbing the quality of receiving health care.  

If there is any discontent at all stages of the service, which you need urgent intervention, call the Clinical Supervisor at 2054, 24 hours a day. Your problem will be addressed as soon as possible.

In case of any dissatisfaction at each stage of admission, during treatment, discharge, which you do not need urgent intervention, you can express three reasons for your dissatisfaction:

Call the Complaints Handler (Internal 2020) and notify the cause of your discontent and your telephone number. The Complaints Complaints Officer will contact you as soon as possible and the matter will be tracked.

Use complaints sheets in waiting rooms, admissions, accounting, emergency, at predefined locations, and then put them into white boxes (suggestions and critiques) after completing them. These funds will be reviewed weekly by the complaints officer and will be given feedback if the phone number is completed.



In addition to the above, you can send your problem by e-mail to 

In order to assess your satisfaction, your esteemed clients will be provided with the services provided upon discharge (randomly) to the satisfaction sheets for completion.

In order to assess your satisfaction, your esteemed clients will be contacted by telephone from the services provided after the discharge, definitely providing comments on this, will help us improve the quality of our services.

If you need to contact the outside of your hospital to check your problem, you can call 81472020 or 88571065, internal 2054.

  Phone numbers: 1590 (health complaints), 1490 (pharmaceutical health complaints) and 1690 (additional tariff complaints), are also filed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education to handle complaints.


Management of the Laleh Hospital considers any criticism of the organization as an opportunity to improve the quality of health care provision.