Special Services

special services:


Nurse and Caregiver Appeal :

If the patient or his family during the admission is in need of private nursing or private care. When you go to the Nursing Office, ask yourself and take the necessary action.

Paying expenses to the nurse or care is announced to the patient according to the declared rate of the nursing office and outside of the patient's medical expenses.


Free training for pregnant women:

The purpose of teaching pregnant mothers on the one hand is raising the level of awareness of parents in the field of pregnancy, in order to create a pleasant memory of this short and transient but effective, and, on the other hand, increasing the desire of mothers for normal delivery, in order to promote physical health And the mental is the mother and baby.

All in pursuit of the Millennium Development Goal 5 goal, maternal mortality will be reduced to 3.4 in 2015.

This classroom, with a capacity of 4 people, is held every day from 11:00 to 12:30.

Each of the eight sessions, 90 minutes, 37 weeks - 20 of gestation (scheduled), will be held.

 The third session deals with the issue of mental health and is dedicated to fathers, and the eighth session will be held on both the issue of newborn and breastfeeding in the presence of parents and parents.

Familiar with the anatomy and physiology of the body, the common problems of pregnancy, the risk of pregnancy and postpartum, breastfeeding, taking care of the baby, personal and mental health, proper nutrition during pregnancy will be familiar with this process. Each session will have 30 minutes of appropriate tensile training.

At all meetings, the mother is allowed to accompany a fixed companion who, if attending all sessions, can receive a certificate of attending this course to accompany her mother in the pain and delivery room.


Free Lactation Education:

1. Primary breastfeeding at the mother's entrance to the women's department and maternity and baby room

2. The presence of the midwife in charge of breastfeeding in all three shifts, and the elimination of breastfeeding problems and the necessary and relevant lactation training

3. Breastfeeding classroom in the neonatal department on the day of discharge of the mother

4. Seeing the breastfeeding of each mother alone on the form of breastfeeding

5. Teaching mothers who have a newborn.

6. Pemphlets and educational books and CDs on breastfeeding.

7. Telephone number 09331449029 and phone number 88569546 to answer to mothers about problems with breastfeeding.

8. Breastfeeding clinic every day from 10-17 at the hospital to resolve breast feeding problems and observe breastfeeding mothers.

9. Development of the laleh-bfc channel channel and membership of lactating mothers and informing about issues related to breastfeeding.

10. Creating a screw on the instagram and informing about the work done in relation to breastfeeding in the hospital.

11. A celebration of the World Nursing Mothers Week in the Hospital with the presence of staff and mothers.


Please, pay attention to the following points in order to receive your child's birth certificate:

1. To receive a birth certificate, the presence of one of the parents, along with the parents' identity card and parental card code, is required.

2. The birth certificate is 8 am to 13 pm, except for the day off.

3. In order to receive a birth certificate, a screening test is required. Please refer to one of the centers indicated at the entrance to the delivery room and the newborns for a 3-5 day post-birth test, along with your beloved baby.

4. Your family will be happy to congratulate your child:

- The legal deadline for the declaration of birth is 15 days from the birth date of the infant and the lack of prompt disclosure of legal liability.

- In the absence of mother and father birth certificates, we will not be issuing a birth certificate in accordance with the law, and no other identification card will be accepted for birth certificate.


Vaccination for children:

Vaccination of children is carried out in the western corridor on the ground floor, free of charge in the pediatric clinic, in accordance with the approved vaccination program.

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