Facilities And Services

1. Internet access in hospital

In order to improve the well-being of patients and patients, the free internet, accessible without access, is available in all parts of the hospital.


2. Providing banking and bank services:

- At Laleh's supermarket, there is a Mellat bank account to provide banking services to clients and employees. This bank is on the surface of the bank of the Mellat Branch of the Shahrak-e-Waza Mosque with the code 65656. The location of this bank is located on the ground floor of the central corridor.

The opening hours are Saturday to Wednesday 8 to 16 and Thursday 8 to 13, the phone number is 88570002.3.

The services offered by this bank include all basic banking services.

-Bank ATM ( ATM ): There are 4 ATMs in Laleh Hospital.

There are two machines on the ground floor and two machines in the first underground.


3. Copy:

Copy services located at the entrance to the main hospital door, next to the florist. Working hours 7 to 21

Phone: 2719


4. Pharmacy:

Hospital pharmacy consists of two parts. Internal pharmacy and pharmacy out of hospital

Internal pharmacy: Located on the ground floor, the central hallway. This pharmacy is specially for the provision of medicines and consumables for patients admitted to different parts of the hospital.

Pharmacy out of hospital: Located at the western entrance of the hospital, it provides all clients with the service until 21:00. Phone number: 88570005


5. Ambulance services:

If you need to use an ambulance, the hospital will contact the Ambulance Center through the Nursing Office and take the necessary actions and coordination.

Ambulance costs are deducted directly from the hospital costs and are provided directly.


6. Chapel:

The chapel of the hospital is located in the second underground floor. The prayer hall is open from one hour before the Azan to one hour after Azan. Companions, visitors and staff can use this space to perform prayers and worship. Mehr, Jamaz, Quran and prayer books are available in the prayer room.

For patients and companions who are inclined to perform religious practices in their rooms, all facilities include Mehr and Quran, and prayer books, and Qiblah and Tayammum stones are available in the section. Religious books of other religions are also available for use by patients and religious minority entrants.


7. Café Teria (Boofa) Illness:

The hospital buffet is located on the ground floor of the central corridor. Buffet work hours are from  to 18. Internal telephone number: 2025






8.Room Designing:

One of the most beautiful event in hospital is the birth of creator’s  tomorrow of IRAN. Thanks to this magnificent event, LALEH hospital has provided design services to create unique memories for you.

Contact the following numbers for more information.

Ms.Mesdaghian 09105342432

Ms.Sheikh Sofla 09105342430

The manager of the team:Mr.Boroojerdi 09121776107


The hospital's florist is located at the entrance to the main hospital door. The work hours of the florist are from 7 to 21. Internal telephone number: 2719