Clinical Admission Guide

Clinic Acceptance:



You can schedule your appointment by visiting specialized clinics.

Via phone:

You can contact your clinic by calling the hospital numbers and coordinate your appointment.

Through the Internet:

You can go online to visit the hospital's website and log in to the online services department to coordinate your visit  


Specialized and specialized clinics

Includes two separate eastern and western halls, with wings from north to south.


Western hall included

Clinics: Ophthalmology - Women - Orthopedics - Pediatrics - Pediatric surgery - Pediatric cardiology - General surgery - Cardiac surgery - Lung surgery - Urology - Plastic surgeon - Skin and hair - Nutrition and treatment regimen - Internal and lactation training clinics.

East Hall included

Clinic is the internal name of the brain - the internal lung - internal gland - surgery - ENT    - digestive - kidney - rheumatology - oncology - psychiatry - pain - genetics - infectious - neurology - internal heart and dentistry.


Clinical diagnostic and therapeutic measures are as follows:


 Heart clinic:

ECG - Echocardiography - Eczema - Eco Stress - Exercise Test - Holter ECG - Holter Blood Pressure

Women's Clinic:

Pap smear - TinPap - Cryo (Freys) - Kutter - Colposcopy - Putting an IUD

ENT Clinic:

Stroboscopy - Sinus endoscopy - Ear washing - Removal of foreign body from the ear

 Auditory Clinic:

Audiometry - Tympanometry - OAE

  : Auditory Electrophysiology and Balance Clinic

 DPOAEs - TEOAEs - cVEMP - oVEMP - VNG-Ecoch G 

Eye Clinic:

Laser - Angiography of the eye

Lung Clinic:

Methods of measuring respiratory parameters include: PFT, BODY BOX

 EEG Clinic and TCD :

This clinic accommodates patients requiring electrical examination of the brain and measuring blood flow using sound waves.

Nutrition and Treatment Therapy Clinic:

In this clinic, all health and beauty regimens include: Diabetic, Renal, Supplemental Nutrition, Weight Loss and Weight Loss.

Lactation Training Clinic:

Lactation training during pregnancy and postpartum lactation problems are performed every day from 10 to 17. All courses are free.

Direct Calling Line: 88569546 and Mobile 09331449029

Clinic of pain:

In this clinic, analgesics are used to treat acute and chronic pain by pain specialists.


In order to determine the time of visits to hospitals in the clinics, you can do the following:

The first method :

 Review my presence

The second method :

 You will first contact the following phone and you will be contacted by phone.

 Call phone at working hours (8 to 19) with the number: 81472000

 Then enter No. 1 to get the turn 


  The following table shows the number of clinics you are interested in.


Operator number

The relevant section for answering the phone


Domestic and neurological-internal-pulmonary-endocrine-gastrointestinal-internal-kidney-rheumatologic-infectious-oncology-genetic-pain


Neuromuscular-Neurosurgery-Heart-Ears and Pharynx-Psychiatry-Auditory-Balance Test


the eye






General-Pulmonary Surgery-Plastic-Urology-Internal Dentistry (Dr. Tavakoli) -Surgery-Cardiovascular-Urinary incontinence-Sexual Inability-Dr. Khodavi-Dermatologist


Heart of children - internal children - surgeons


Lactation clinic


Eco-Holter-Exercise Test


Third method:

Call the direct number of clinics according to the following table.



Direct number

Surgery (General-Cardio-Pulmonary-Plastic) -Dermatology-Dermatology-Dr. Tavakoli and Dr. Khadivi


Children (surgical - internal and heart)






the eye


Internal (Gland - Lung - Kidney - Neurotransmitter - Digestive - Hematology) - Pain and Genetics


Heart (Internal) - Neurological Surgery - ENT - Psychiatry




Fourth method:


The internet

Visit the hospital website at 

In the top part of the "Online Services" item, go to the "Online Shuffle" item