Admission and Regulations


. How to get time for hospitalization:


Non-governmental organization with previous time:

Patient is hospitalized with the presence of a patient in a hospital and in possession of an appointment letter from a physician who is undergoing treatment and coordination with them.


If the patient's condition is urgent, the patient is guided to the emergency room and the necessary measures are taken to admit it.


2 . Required Documents for Patient Admission:


Insurance patient:

National card, introduction of the insurance policy, the order of the physician's appointment (for more information on the insurance of the contracting party and the time when the introduction of the letter will be contacted with the admission unit.)

Free patient:

National card, medical order (hospital)

* All medical records and a list of medications used at home, accompanying the patient during admission, are required.


Hospital regulations during hospital admission :


1. Hours of meeting:

The appointment of patients is allowed every day of the week. The hours of the visit vary throughout the different seasons. In the first 6 months of the afternoon, from 15 to 17 and the 6th month of the second year, from 16 to 14 pm.

In special wards in the first six months of the year, from 16:00 to 16:30 and in the second half of the year from 15:30 to 16:00.

Meeting for children, in consultation with the department and in the absence of specific conditions for the patient, is free at the hour of visiting in non-special sectors.


2. Having a companion:

In the rooms of two boards and in private rooms, there are a maximum of two, and in the suites the number is free. In the two-bed rooms and privately-owned cards, it is essential to travel.

In order to issue a mobile card, the head nurse or shift manager of the hospital, the letter and the delivery for issuing the card must be admitted to the head nurse or the shipload of the hospital, the letter and the delivery of the admission unit, and the card to be issued. It is better to observe the Islamic tradition and to observe the privacy of patients in two-bed rooms.


3 . Responsibility for keeping money and price objects:

Responsibility for the maintenance of all valuables, including gold and jewelry, bank checks, money, mobile, etc., is the responsibility of the patient and the patient. In situations where the patient does not have a patient, the necessary money and / or valuable items are signed and fingerprinted by the head nurse or the shiploader.


4 . How to contact personally or phone with patient:

If during non-appointments, in case of necessity, you need to have a personal presence with the patient, you can visit the patient by visiting the Nursing office and coordinating with the discipline and the relevant department. There are exceptions for patients with special circumstances and meeting restrictions.

To call the patient in private rooms, add the number 1 to the end of the room number.

In bed rooms for two beds? Number 1 and bed? Add number 2 to the room number.

If you need to contact the patient outside the hospital, you will be contacted by dialing the hospital numbers and telling the patient's room number.


5. How to contact and use the telephone in the rooms with and without the hospital:

To establish communication with the inside of the hospital, you will be contacted by dialing the desired number of rooms. To get out of hospital 9 to get the phone free. If you need to communicate with the mobile or the city, you will be contacted by dialing the zero number (telephone) and announcing the phone number.


6 . Clock Serving Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Food Menu Selection:

Breakfast is from 5:45 to 6:45

Snack 9-10 and 14-15

Lunch is 11:45 to 13

Dinner 19 to 17:45


The patient's diet is recorded by the nurse according to the order of the daily medical practitioner in the nutrition unit system. A guest officer, on a daily basis, registers a patient to give the patient a menu of food and the patient chooses his or her favorite meal.

Along with the patient, she chooses her favorite food according to the announcement.

If the patient needs to be fast, the patient is in charge of the responsible nurse. Daily mineral water is charged in the refrigerator.

The tea service is provided to patients in the event of need outside of the prescribed time (midnight).


Financial Inquiry and Declaring Amount of Debt:

If the patient wants to know about his / her own costs or debt, he / she can go through his expenses and debt by visiting the secretary and the inquirer from the financial unit. All financial expenses of the patient are calculated and summed up to date.


The process of patient admission and transfer to the relevant department:


After referral of the patient to the unit of acceptance and delivery of identification documents and the order of hospitalization of the physician, all patient information is recorded in the admission system, and based on this, the patient's case and patient's bracelet is printed.

The identification bracelet contains the information needed to identify the patient, which is provided to increase the patient's safety during hospitalization. The identification bracelet was installed in the admission on the patient's dominant hand. At the moment of leaving the hospital, the patient is taken off.

Please check the specifications on the identification bracelet and inform immediately if you do not comply with your specifications.

After completing the patient's acceptance procedures, one of the welcoming staff will accompany the patient to the desired room.

All necessary information is given about the use of elevators, emergency steps leading to the department and the initial introduction of the section to the patient. The head of the nurse or responsible shifts of the relevant department is then introduced and delivered. If there is a problem with the patient's walk, the wheelchair will be provided to the patient.

In each head department, the head of the nurse is responsible for the department. And the patient can raise problems with the head nurse in addition to his nurse responsible. (If the problem is not resolved, the complaints system is at your service all the time.)